Community Development Block Grant Program  [cdbg]


The Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program provides the basic funding necessary to administer the many housing, public works, economic development and public service activities which help to further the city’s overall community development objectives.


Some of the accomplishments managed through the Community Development Office include:
  • Construction of new energy-efficient single family housing and rehabilitation of affordable housing throughout the city’s older neighborhoods
  • Curb re-setting
  • Demolition of hundreds of unsafe and abandoned buildings throughout the city
  • Improvements to public facilities such as parks and playgrounds and various city buildings including the Senior Center, Library and City Hall
  • Provision of essential public services ranging from after school programs for youth to assistance to senior citizens to police walking patrols and drug enforcement activities
  • Safety and beautification improvements including street trees
  • Street and sidewalk improvements along many of the city’s entryways

Current Programs

Current CDBG funded programs which are carried out by other entities:

  • Boys and Girls Club
  • CDC Small Business Assistance
  • Code Enforcement
  • MIHN Family Shelter
  • Police Drug Enforcement/Family Unit
  • United Neighbors of Fitchburg
  • YMCA Youth Program