Yard Waste & Christmas Trees

Leaf and Yard Waste Collection

Leaves and yard waste (including grass clippings) are not collected curbside with the regular trash collection. There is a special collection organized during certain weeks of the year.  Items to be collected should be put out on your regular trash day.  This schedule excludes weekends.

The spring/Summer schedule for 2023 is as follows:

May 30- June 3

June 5-9

June 12-16

June 19-23

Later collection dates will be posted when they become available.

For collection, leaves and grass should be put in yard waste paper bags. No plastic bags will be accepted and will be left at the curb. Branches can be gathered in bundles no longer than 4 feet long and no more than 50 Lbs, put in yard waste paper bags or in open top waste barrels. Bundles should be tied with a natural fiber string. You can also obtain a free recycling permit or a landfill permit to bring your yard waste to the landfill year-round. These can be obtained online or at the Health Department at City Hall 718 Main St.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees can be put at the curb for collection one week out of the year. This holiday season's collection will be January 9 to 13 on your regularly scheduled trash collection day.  Christmas trees wrapped in plastic or containing decorations cannot be collected.

If you have a recycling permit, you can bring your Christmas tree to the landfill without having to wait for curbside collection, decorations or plastic wrap must be removed before disposal at the landfill.