Campaign Finance Reports

Fitchburg, as a community with less than 65,000 residents, requires local campaign finance reporting through the City Clerk's Office for candidates for School Committee and City Council. Candidates for Mayor submit campaign finance reporting to the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance.

First time candidates and elected officials should complete and submit to the City Clerk's Office a Statement of Organization Form CPF M 101 for Candidate or Candidate's Committee . Even if, as a candidate, you will not be forming a committee you must still complete the Statement of Organization Form. Candidates who are or become a public employee must form a candidate committee. Candidates may not serve as the treasurer for a committee, nor may any public employee. A candidate may only have one committee and each candidate may only have one campaign bank account.

Candidates not raising or expending any campaign funds may submit a form CPF M 109.

Once you have filed a Statement of Organization with the City Clerk's Office you may set up a bank account for your campaign. Please be aware, whether you form a candidate committee or not, the candidate or committee is required to maintain records of all receipts, expenditures, in-kind contributions and liabilities held by the campaign for a period of six years.

For Guidance on setting up committees, maintaining records and submitting reports please see the Massachusetts Office of Campaign and Political Finance Guidelines below.

Campaign finance reports are due several times during an election year and annually on non-election years. Candidates should submit Form CPF M 102 with the City Clerk prior the the scheduled deadlines. Exact deadlines can be found in the election calendar. Candidates may use the sign up for the Massachusetts OCPF Reporter 7 platform to complete paperwork for their campaigns, however because local offices file with the City Clerk's Office directly they will need to complete, print, sign and then submit these forms with the City Clerk. 

Candidates must submit regular campaign finance reports according to this schedule:

Preliminary Report: 

Due on or before the 8th day preceding the preliminary election. This report must include all material from the end date of the last campaign finance report through to 10 days prior to the deadline to submit the report. If this is your first report it must include all material to date. This report is only required of candidates who's name appears on a preliminary ballot.

Pre-Election Report:

Due on or before the 8th day preceding the city or town general election, complete from the day following the ending date of the last report filed through 10 days before the due date.

Year-End Report: 

Due on or before January 20 in the year following, complete from the day following the ending date of the last report filed through December 31. This year-end report must be filed every year so long as a committee is in existence, or a candidate maintains a campaign fund, has outstanding debts, or is an incumbent elected official. This report may be considered a final report if the candidate/committee has no cash balance, assets or outstanding liabilities, and did not win.

Campaign Finance Guidelines:

Campaign Finance Reports:

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