Downtown Fitchburg Transformation Project

*VIDEO:  TWo Way Main Street and Boulder Drive Informational Meeting

The Main/Boulder project will convert Main Street and Boulder Drive to two-way traffic, implementing a number of Complete Streets improvements along the way. The end-result will be a project that works better for both cars and people, and will help support the revitalization of downtown Fitchburg.

WHAT IS THE Downtown Fitchburg Transformation PROJECT?

This guide provides a brief overview of the work that will be taking place, the other projects it aligns with, and an overview of the exciting revitalization work taking place downtown.

Main Boulder One Pager

Downtown Fitchburg Transformation Project Designs

25% Completed designs

  • View 25% Completed Designs
  • A Public Comment period on these designs opens on March 11, 2020 and will close April 10, 2020. The City is seeking public comments on the designs now to allow the designers an opportunity to respond to feedback and incorporate ideas into the final design drawings. The designs currently available are 25% designs, which means the level of detail is still limited, and there will be future design updates: which will be posted electronically, on the City webpage, facebook, and to our mailing list.

    Please submit any project-specific questions or comments to our online form or email us at, and we will try to respond to them as soon as possible.

Finished Designs

  • The finished designs will be completed in late spring of 2020. The project will then go out to bid, with a target award date of June 2020. The work will begin in late summer, and is anticipated to be completed in fall of 2021.

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