Personal Property

If you are arrested it is the policy of the Fitchburg Police Department to safeguard any personal property left at the Station for maximum of 30 days from the date of arrest. 

If you fail to retrieve your property within 30 days and that property is deemed to have no commercial value it will be destroyed without further notice to the owner. 

If the property is deemed to have commercial value, notice will be sent to the last known address of the owner instructing them that they have 10 day to retrieve the property or it will be auctioned.

When can I get my personal property?

Personal property can be retrieved from the Fitchburg Police Department Monday thru Friday between 8am and 4pm. 

Please call the Fitchburg Police Department Evidence Officer at 978-345-4355 extension 1251 to make arrangements to pick up your property:


What if I can't come in person to pick up my property?


Personal property can only be collected by the owner of the property. 



If an arrestee is incapable of collecting his/her belongings in person, a third party may collect their belongings for them if such third party has a signed letter from the arrestee, authorizing the collection of the property.  This letter must either be:

1) Made on correctional/institutional facility letterhead or form which has either been notarized or co-signed by a facility employee;

2) From the arrestee's attorney or 

3) Notarized


Legal References

Department Policy GO 5.11: Unclaimed Property left in the possession of the Fitchburg Police Department by detainees, which has no commercial value, will be disposed of 30 days after receipt without auction or further notice


Chapter 135: Section 7. Property taken by police officers from persons under arrest; disposition

If property which has been stolen, lost, abandoned or taken from a person under arrest comes into the possession of a member of the police department of a city by virtue of his office, he shall deliver the same to the officer or member of the department designated by the rules thereof, and shall thereupon be relieved from further responsibility therefor. The officer or member to whom such property is so delivered shall give notice as provided in section one of chapter one hundred and thirty-four. The word “city” as used in this and the four following sections shall include town.


Unclaimed and Abandoned Property

Chapter 135: Section 8. If such property remains unclaimed in the possession of such police department or member thereof for one month and the owner thereof or his place of abode or business is unknown, or if the owner and his place of abode or business are known and the owner, after receipt by registered mail of a written notice from such department or member to take possession of said property, refuses or fails for a period of ten days following said receipt so to do, such department may sell the same, excepting money unclaimed, by public auction, notice of the time and place of sale, with a description of the property to be sold, first being given by publishing the same once in each of three successive weeks in a newspaper published in such city. Any violation of the provisions of this section shall be punished by a fine of not less than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars and by forfeiture of any such property obtained as a result of such violation.


In accordance with Massachusetts General Law, all other unclaimed and abandoned property will be sold by means of an online auction