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Bulk Item Pick Up

  1. Please fill out this form to have Bulk Items picked up by the City.

    A Bulk Item is defined as household furniture, mattresses & box springs, couches, chairs, rugs and other Bulk(y) items unable to be placed in city issued carts. Please note: Items such as T.V's, Computer monitors, White Goods (large appliances) and Tires are considered Waste Bans and not Bulk Items and cannot be collected. See the Health Webpage on how to dispose of Waste Ban items.

  2. Deadline for Pickup Request

    Bulk Item pickup requests must be received by 2pm on the day prior to pickup. Requests received after 2pm on the preceding day will be scheduled for the next available pickup (Tues/Thurs)

  3. Your name and address

  4. Address where the Bulk Items are located at curb:

    Bulk Items must be placed at curb where trash and recycling carts are collected by the city. Like trash and recycling carts, do not place items out earlier than 12 hours before the collection date.

  5. Bulk Item Pick Up Payment Center

    Payments must be credit card and are subject to additional fees

  6. Price Per Item

  7. Each item to be picked up is subject to a $15 fee.

    Bulk Items are collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. Once paid items should not be placed at curb for collection earlier than 12 hours before collection

  8. Enter Date (must be the next occurring Tuesday or a Thursday only. If after 2pm on Monday or Wednesday, select the following Thursday /Tuesday)

  9. How May Items are to be collected?*

  10. Items to be collected*

    Please select what items are to be collected. No TV's or tires will be accepted.

  11. Leave This Blank: