Unattended Donation Box

Unattended Donation Box Regulation Requirements

Effective March 1, 2015, The City of Fitchburg Board of Health enacted a regulation requiring the permitting of Unattended Donation Boxes within the City of Fitchburg. An Unattended Donation Box is any unattended container, receptacle, or similar device that is located on any property within the city used for soliciting and collecting donations of clothing or other salvageable personal property. This new regulation requires that:

Any property owner who operates, maintains or allows an Unattended Donation Box or Boxes (UDB) on his/her real property must obtain a permit pursuant to this regulation for each UDB and provide the following including but not limited to:

1. A completed application providing the name, address, website and telephone number of the Permittee and the Operator, with a non-refundable application processing fee of $35.00, submitted to the Health Dept, 166 Boulder Drive-Suite 108, Fitchburg MA 01420

2. A drawing sufficient to indicate the proposed location of the UDB, and the size of the UDB and the proposed location complies with the UDB regulations and does not have the potential to create a Public Health Nuisance;

3. A UDB shall contain contact information in two-inch type visible from the front of each UDB and shall include the name, address, e-mail, and phone number of the Permittee and the Operator.

4. All UDB’s shall be maintained in good condition with no structural damage or defects, holes, rust and maintained free of graffiti.

5. All UDB’s shall be serviced or emptied as needed and shall be maintained or cause to be maintained areas surrounding the UDB free from any junk, garbage, trash, debris or other refuse material.

6. UDB’s located within the interior of a building, on property owned or leased by any religious or charitable organization or exempted by the City of Fitchburg for the purposes of local taxation.

7. All requirements of the UDB regulations are in compliance as adopted by the Board of Health.

Unattended Donation Box Permit Application

Please fill out this form: Unattended Donation Box Application for Permit. Don't forget to comply with the requirements above when applying.

Unattended Donation Box Regulation

Here is a link to the regulation adopted March 2015:Unattended Donation Box Regulation