Meeting Rooms

The Fitchburg Public Library has several rooms that can be reserved for meetings:

  • Auditorium - max. 204 people (not currently available)
  • Ethnic Heritage Room (conference room) - max. 14-20 people
  • Garden Room - max. 50-75 people
  • Meeting Room 2 - max. 14-20 people

You can check online for the availability of a room at our Event Keeper calendar.

Note that all rooms are available at any time for access by the public. Privacy can not be guaranteed for any room during any event.

Click here for the Meeting Room Policy and application for use. Contact the library at 978-829-1780 with any questions.



The library fully meets accessibility criteria under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. If an individual requires interpretation for the deaf, please call one month prior to the program date.