Street Light Program

The City of Fitchburg has recently purchased the street lights in your neighborhood from Unitil and has contracted the maintenance and repair to Pine Ridge Technologies. During 2015, DPW is converting all 3,000 street lights in the city to LED fixtures, a more reliable and economical alternative to high pressure sodium lights. The LED lights will be networked though the use of controls that will alert DPW if a street light is out, monitor electricity use by each light, and provide capability to dim each light or adjust the brightness of the entire system at different times.

Report a Street Light Outage

If you want to report a street light outage, you can report the outage in one of the following ways:
  1. Telephone: Call 978-829-1920 at anytime and leave a message with the following information:
    • Nature of the problem: Outage, Flickering, On All Day, or other
    • Street address
    • Pole number, if possible
    • Your name and contact information, in case we need more information
  2. Email: Send an email and leave a message with the following details:
    • Pole Number
    • Street Number
    • Street Name
    • Problem (Flickering, Day Burner, Lamp is Out, Etc.)
    • Your Email Address or Phone Number
  3. Report on See Click Fix