Filling a Swimming Pool

When you fill your swimming pool you must pay for the water used to fill the pool.

You must contact the Wastewater Department to inquire about abatements for the sewer charges associated with filling your pool.   The Wastewater Department can be reached at 978-829.1911 or via email


Swimming Pool Water Cost Calculation

To calculate approximately how much the water will cost to fill the pool, follow this simple example:

  • Take the gallons needed to fill the pool and divide that number by 7.5.
  • Take that total and divide it by 100, this gives you the No. of units used to fill the pool.

Calculation Example

  • 16,500 gallons divided by 7.5 = 2200
  • 2200 divided by 100 = 22
  • 22 units x $5.67(The price of water per 100 cubic ft.)= $124.74

The cost of water is less than most people think. The cost is about 1/3 of a penny per gallon.