Auditing department


Pic OCH 2The goal of the City Auditor's office is to protect the fiduciary interests of the City by providing timely and accurate financial reporting, and to inform and guide City Departments, Boards, and Commissions on proper budgeting and fiscal management. The office performs the comptroller and internal audit functions of the City by undertaking to ensure that financial transactions are executed legally, efficiently, and effectively.  This continuous review and analysis serves to improve internal control polices, procedures, and corrective measures. The appropriate authority is contacted if problems or concerns are noted.  

The City Auditor's office is responsible for the review and oversight of all financial transactions of the City including the processing of weekly warrants for bills and payrolls, review of receipts and deposits, maintenance and posting of the general ledger, and coordination of the annual audit.  Duties include monthly reporting on the budgetary status of departmental appropriations and estimated receipts, maintenance of records concerning city debt obligations and fixed assets, and custody of union/employee contracts.

The City Auditor's office prepares and files with the Department of Revenue (DOR) the annual Balance Sheet and Schedule A.  The office assists with the annual DOR Tax Rate Recapitulation, the Mayor's annual budget, and monthly cash reconciliations.  The office also responds to multiple inquiries and requests for financial information from the Mayor, City Council, other Departments, State agencies, financial institutions, and the general public.

The City Auditor serves as Clerk of the Finance Committee of the City Council and as a member of the Fitchburg Retirement Board.  Other committee involvements include the City Finance Team, Capital Improvement Commission, and Insurance Commission.